Pulsar Turbo Systems

Give your car that extra boost with the all-new Pulsar Turbo Systems brought to you by Status Performance Products. Pulsar Turbo Systems is a recognised name in the automotive industry, manufacturing turbocharger and turbo parts for a variety of vehicles.

From passenger cars and trucks to SUVs and racing beasts, Pulsar Turbo Systems have turbochargers for major makes and models. The brand produces high-quality turbochargers that let the engine function to its full potential.

So, whether you own a Nissan, Ford or love to drive a Chevy or Dodge, the Pulsar Turbo Systems’ manufacture turbo parts for major makes and models. The brand also gives you the option for Universal turbo parts and turbochargers that fit all vehicle types.

So, what are you waiting for? Ride your car like a pro by installing the best turbo parts from the Pulsar Turbo Systems. Browse our collection online today.

Buy Pulsar Turbo Systems at Low Prices

Do you desire that extra wheel on your ride? Want to drift like a pro? Then, you surely need to add more power to it. Surge tanks and turbocharger are the best options to experience the full potential of your vehicle. Turbochargers force the compressed air to the engine that results in more power and torque, enabling you to feel that swift you always crave for.

At Status Performance Products, we bring you an exclusive range of Pulsar Turbo Systems’ turbo parts and turbochargers of varying shape, size and functionality. Whether you need a ball bearing turbo part or a dual ceramic coated turbocharge, we have the best the brand has to offer.

All you need is to select your model and make and choose the best fit. From replacement turbo parts to performance turbochargers, we stock it all. If you have any specific part requirement, we can source it for you. Just fill the ‘Part Search Service’ form and get it to your doorstep.

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