Speedflow Fittings, Hoses & Adapters

100 Series Hose & Hose Ends

200 Series Hose & Hose Ends

400 Series Hose & Hose Ends

100 Series Stainless Steel Braided Hose
120 Series Start-Lite® Hose
100 Series Hose Ends

200 Series Teflon® Braided Hose & Black Stainless Braided Hose
200 Series Teflon® Braided Hose with PVC Cover
200 Series Hose Ends
200 Series Female & Male Adapter Hose Ends 
200 Series Banjo Hose Ends - Steel & Aluminium 
300 Series Banjo Bolts 
310 Series Banjo to Male Flare 
200 Series Male Flare Adapters 
Hose Cutters & Accessories

400 Series Hose & Hose Ends
400 Series Pushlock Hose 
332 & 598 Series AQP® SOCKETLESS™ Hose 
400 Series Hose Ends

Barricade Hose & 411 Series Hose Ends
Gates Submersible Fuel Hose 
411 Series Hose Ends

490 Series Powersteer Hose & Hose Ends
490 Series Powersteer Hose
490 Series Hose Ends
490 Series Mandrel Tool

550 & 520 Series Hose Systems Aluminium Adapters & Components Weld On’s, Spares & Components

550 Series Teflon® Aramid & Stainless Steel Braided Hose 
550 Series Hose Ends 
550 Series Crimp Equipment 
Mechanical Fuel Injection Hose 
Fuel Injection Hose Ends 
520 Series Hose Ends(Missing from Spreadsheet)



Female Swivel Adapters
Y Blocks and Tees 
Fuel Pump, Power Steer & Oil Flare Adapters 
EFI Adapters 
Banjo’s & Bolts 
Carburettor Adapters 
Carburettor Fuel Line Kits 
Metric Adapters 
BSPP Adapters
Tube Adapters, Nuts & Sleeves 
Male AN/JIC Adapters 
Bulkhead Fittings & Accessories 
Reducers, Expanders, Extensions, Plugs & Caps 
O-Ring Port Adapters 
NPT Adapters 
Weld on Fittings, Male, Female & Special Purpose
Weld on Necks and Caps
Washers & O-Rings

Hoses, fittings, adapters together work in tandem to run the vehicle’s engine efficiently. Right from the time you push the start button, the fuel flows through the hoses and crank the engine to life. And it is only possible because of durable hoses and fittings in the vehicle, made from the best materials.

Speedflow is a reliable name in producing high-end hose fittings and adapters in the Australian automotive market that precisely fit a broad range of vehicles from the vintage to the latest ones. The brand pays attention to detail and ensures all aspects of the manufacturing process. From developing the concept, accurate designs to precise machining, polishing, anodising and assembly, all products are manufactured to function at their best.

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