Surge Tanks

Surge tanks are an integral part of the car's turbo fuel system. It prevents fuel scarcity when the high output power is needed.

The surge tank is like a buffer that ensures a regular supply of fuel. It receives the fuel through the lift-fuel pump, and the excess fuel regulated by the Fuel pressure regulator also goes directly into the surge tank. So, in case if the delivery from the fuel tank or fuel cell is low, it covers it by supplying fuel from the regulator.

Low fuel supply poses a risk to the engine and its components. Thus, Surge tanks prevent engine failure by ensuring adequate supply.

However, it is necessary to have a tank that precisely fits the vehicle's make and model. Precision ensures the optimal functioning and flow of fluids in the engine.

Status Performance Parts stocks a wide range of surge tanks from the world's leading manufacturers like Raceworks, Turbosmart, Speedflow and many more. We have surge tanks of all capacities, i.e., 3L, 2.8L, 2.5L and 2L and 1.5L. So, whatever suits your vehicle size and budget, we have it all.

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If you are a car race enthusiast, it becomes more than necessary to keep it race-ready. It means the vehicle should be equipped with quality performance parts like turbochargers, transmission coolers, high-tech fuel injectors and most importantly the surge tanks.

Surge tanks ensure a constant supply of fuel to the fuel pumps irrespective of the direction, force and other factors. High power output applications like motorsport racing or drifting consume more fuel, and a regular and controlled amount of fuel supply is necessary. So, a fuel system with a surge tank makes sure everything is taken care of.

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